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Kiwi Teamwear Ltd combines the best of our Kiwi and Carisbrook brands in one company.


We have nearly two decades of experience and have outfitted all levels of teams, from juniors through to some of the best international representative teams. Our extensive network of suppliers from both NZ and offshore brings you training and match kit for almost all sporting codes. We complement this with a full range of aftermatch and corporate apparel, sports hardware and workwear.


We pride ourselves on our product quality, clear communication and reliability in delivering gear correctly and on time. Our hassle-free process provides clients with multiple options to suit their budget and gear requirements.


We provide full support to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied and would welcome the opportunity to be of service to your team.


Made To Order garments are manufactured to our patterns and specifications. There is considerable flexibility with these garments to create a unique look for your team and the designs in the brochure are examples of what we can offer. Hardware items are manufactured under agreement to exacting standards.



Ready To Go products are held in stock by our NZ supply network in set colours, styles and sizes. They are available for quick dispatch and can be enhanced with prints and embroideries as required. The items shown in this catalogue represent a portion of what is available so please check our website or contact us if you need something different. Most garments are available in male, female and child sizes.



Lead Times vary depending on the processes required and generally are between 4 and 8 weeks for Made To Order items.  Ready To Go items are almost always dispatched within 2 days for the base items and within 10 days for items requiring prints or embroideries. The lead time starts from when the client has provided all necessary information and satisfied any payment requirements.




Minimum Order Quantities apply to most apparel items. These are typically 15 units for Made To Order garments and 10 units for Ready To Go items.


Our Made To Order sportswear range offers both sublimation and panel options for many garment types, which involve different processes and capabilities.


Sublimation is a high quality printing process where all elements of the design are transferred into white polyester fabric using specialised inks in conjunction with heat and pressure. The design can be as intricate as you like, of any pantone colour shade and incorporate logos, names and numbers. Our team can assist with all aspects of the design process, from initial concept through to garment completion. The result is a vibrant, printed garment of high performance and premium quality that will not fade, crack or peel.

This ensures a long life garment that will continue to look great and provide benefit to teams and their sponsors. Due to the intricate nature of the process, sublimation garments often take a bit longer than panel garments to manufacture.


Panel refers to any garment which is cut and sewn from pre-coloured fabric panels. The fabric options

are different to those for sublimation and limited to the colours that are held in stock.  Panel garments are further embellished through contrast stitching, piping, tape, embroideries and prints. These usually take less time to manufacture than sublimation garments and are often less expensive, depending on the number of logos and optional extras required.




All garments can be made with the Carisbrook or Kiwi branding but within NZ only the Kiwi branding is used - both brands are available in international markets.


Images involving people are for illustration only and do not entail product endorsement.




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